missing you immensely

I miss u badly and i'm immensely longing to see u I want to feel ur touch and kisses I wish u know how much i miss u-! and how much i'm dying to see... Baby i miss u-!

Addicted to your friendship

I'm highly addicted to your friendship. I'm glad having you as a friend and I hope we continue to have those sweet moments of fun always...

A great friend to cherish

What a nice friend i have, what a kind friend you are, oh what a great friend to cherish.

Plenty joy, Powerful friendship

My friendship with you brings to my life plenty joy and fun loving moments. It's a powerful friendship i enjoy a lot.

Our friendship is a beautiful sunshine

Our friendship is a beautiful beam in my life. It's a lovely shine making my life brighter and brighter like sunshine.

In my heart i have a friend

In my heart i have a special friend who i trust, a friend who is faithful. That special friend is you.

Love me purely, Heart me Surely

Love me purely. Heart me surely. Be my world. Be my idol. Be my one and only. My truly and passionately. My dearest and sweetest love......

Deep heart feelings

Deep heart feelings for you, Deep thought thinkings about u.Deep crazy love feelings for u. i love u

Special Gift Packed with Joy And Blessing

Birthday is a special gift from God. A special gift packed with joy and blessings. A priceless gift worth sweet reasons which you should be happy for. Happy Birhtday!

Thousands of years 2 come

May you never stop growing up but keep growing young and may your birthdays be the happiest birthdays thousands of years to come. Happy Birthday!

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